Ahead of Saturday's game against Liverpool at The Hawthorns, we caught up once more with Reds' fan Kirsty who runs the excellent blog
The Liver Bird. She gives us her views on the game, Liverpool's season, Brendan Rodgers, and more. You can find Kirsty on Twitter @LFCKirstyLFC.

I suppose we have to start with last weekend's semi-final defeat against Villa, a massive disappointment I would imagine, thoughts on the game?

It was atrocious. I think it was clear for all to see that Liverpool had entered that game perhaps thinking Villa would be pushovers, the players didn't look like they even cared about a place in the FA Cup final and to be honest I was completely frustrated with the tactics and substitutions. I'm still not quite over the fact that Brendan Rodgers brought on Glen Johnson when we were 2-1 down either. Massive, massive disappointment but a thoroughly deserved win for Aston Villa. 

To outsiders it seems to have been a somewhat poor season for the Reds given how good you were last campaign, how are Liverpool supporters viewing it?

I would be surprised to find a Liverpool fan that regarded this season as positive. It's difficult to justify a season minus any silverware and almost certainly finishing outside the top four as successful. At the same time I think it's important to remember that last season's superb campaign was forged on the back of an extremely talented Uruguayan and it was always going to be difficult this year. I did expect a better end to the season than this though.

Are the majority of supporters still happy with Brendan Rodgers?

Sunday's loss to Aston Villa appears to have been the final straw for a lot of fans and a quick glance on social media will show you that opinion is very much split. There are fans who want Rodgers to leave at the end of the season, fans who feel he has earnt another year after what he did last season and then fans like me who are somewhat ambivalent.

Raheem Sterling has been making the headlines for a number of reasons over the last few weeks, your take on him and his reported contract demands, will he remain a Red?

As always the media have done a fantastic job of making a mountain out of a molehill. It's interesting to compare the attention Raheem Sterling gained for inhaling laughing gas compared to the attention Aston Villa's Jack Grealish is getting this week. I think Raheem is an extremely talented young man and he's just made some silly decisions under the influence of an agent. The offer on the table is a good one and in my opinion he should take it however I'm not so sure he will still be at Liverpool by the time the transfer window slams shut.

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is edging closer and closer to the end of his remarkable Anfield career, how will you personally remember his time at the club?

Steven Gerrard is quite simply the epitome of my Liverpool supporting life. I'm 25, I probably started watching the Reds around the age of six with my brother. Gerrard made his debut for Liverpool when I was 9. He's all I've ever known, I've grown up with him, he's brought me easily the best footballing memory of my life with that phenomenal Champions League win in 2005 and it's difficult to think of Liverpool without him.

What do Liverpool need to do during the summer to ensure a more successful season next time out?

It sounds simple; buy good players with a sensible price tag... however it's never that simple is it. Brendan Rodgers has struggled to convince me with his purchases since becoming Liverpool boss. Ironically one of very few that I like is Mario Balotelli yet he and almost everybody else apparently can't stand the bloke. Losing Gerrard and potentially other star names mean Liverpool need to act quickly to rebuild an already faltering side. Even if Brendan somehow nails the transfer window, I'm still not certain we will be ready to compete with the sides currently in the top four.

Highlight of the season?

I'll get stick for this but to be honest, it's not like many exciting moments have even happened!

Mario Balotelli netting an 83rd minute winner against Tottenham at Anfield is my highlight. I was so desperate for him to do well (I still don't feel he's been treated fairly) and it was an important goal! Plus I managed to chuck my cider all over me brother and me fella... hilarious!

Moment you would rather forget?

That FA Cup semi-final. The crashing out of the League Cup, the crashing out of the Europa League, the crashing out of the Champions League... There's too many to name. It's not been a fun season for me.

Player of the season?

I would have to go with Skrtel. I'm a sucker for a good defender and I think in terms of consistency he has performed well and often saved Liverpool in a few tricky situations this season. I've also won several goalscorer bets thanks to him this season, always a plus.

Villain of the season?

It's hard to say this but I'll have to go with Sterling, he's annoyed me with the whole contract talks and whilst he's clearly a real talent I think he's let it all go to his head a bit. What he hasn't realised is that he was made to look a far better player under the wing of Luis Suarez and he has become exposed on occasions this season. Here's hoping it all calms down and somehow by way of a miracle he does remain at Anfield.

What team and tactics are we likely to see from Liverpool at The Hawthorns?

If Sturridge is still injured which I think he might be (haven't done my match preview yet) then you will almost definitely see Sterling forged as a striker, something I hate. Rodgers is too stubborn to start a natural striker or try a 4-4-2 when Sturridge is injured.

I would expect to see his preferred three at the back but I'm not certain what he's going to do in midfield. I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to drop Gerrard, he's not very sentimental in that sense.

Prediction for and thoughts on Saturday's game?

I think this one is going to be a score draw. The Reds are on a real downer and if Sturridge doesn't feature he'll refuse to play a striker and therefore rely on a piece of magic from Coutinho or Sterling, which will probably happen at some point however I fully expect West Brom to score so will take a punt on 1-1. You pulled off a good result away at Palace at the weekend and I can see the thought of a shaky Liverpool spurring you on in this game.


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