Ahead of Saturday's game at The Hawthorns, we caught up with Rangers' fan Simon from the website QPRnet. He gives his views on the R's season so far, Harry Redknapp, Charlie Austin,
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It's been a poor season so far for Rangers with the club currently facing a struggle to retain Premier League status. What's gone wrong and who's to blame?

As usual, when Rangers get the chance to ply their trade in the Premier League they've made a right hash of it. Poor recruitment in the summer, largely based around a 3-5-2 formation we ditched after two games is partly to blame. We've only one source of goals, if Austin doesn't score then we don't. We leak goals like a sieve and when we concede one the heads go down very quickly. Blame lies equally with Redknapp and a board that hasn't really had a gameplan since it came to power. 

Previous boss Harry Redknapp left the club in February citing that he needed a knee operation. How did Rangers fans view his departure and his given reason behind it?

Most think he was told he had no money to spend and threw his toys out of the pram. This crippling knee problem doesn't seem to have stopped him playing golf and hawking himself round the after dinner circuit. Perhaps we need to find out who his miracle knee man is and get him on the payroll! There aren't many tears being shed that he's gone. He looked disinterested all season and his constant stream of excuses was wearing very thin. 

Was Chris Ramsey the right man to replace him and does he have a long-term future in charge at Loftus Road?

Ramsey certainly seemed to liven the squad up when he came in but since then he's come up with some baffling selections and substitutions. He looks a bit out of his depth for me so the answer has to be no to both questions. I'd have no issue with him staying and reverting back to his development role, a role in which he excels. 

Can Rangers avoid the drop?

Unfortunately not. Eight games left, five of them away. For a team with one win and thirteen defeats on the road, that doesn't bode well. Our home form has also deserted us. Frankly I'd be surprised if we won more than one more game this season. 

Striker Charlie Austin has been in impressive form this season, including of course a hat-trick in December's clash between the two sides. Just how good is he and do you feel he'll still be a Rangers' player next season?

Austin has been tremendous. As I said earlier, he has been out only source of goals and at times has had to carry a wretched side around on his back. He won't be at Rangers next season. If we go down he'll stay in the PL, if by some miracle we do stay up, a better team will nab him. I don't think you'd find a single Rangers fan that would begrudge him a move. 

Thoughts on the first game between the sides?

The Austin show as usual but it could've been very different. When you went 2-0 up it was thoroughly deserved as we'd been diabolical. When it went to 2-2 I felt you panicked and let us steal it. 

What line-up and tactics are we likely to see from Rangers on Saturday?

Hard to say what the side will be like. People clamour for the likes of Taarabt or Vargas alongside Austin but the fact remains that he does his best work with Zamora alongside him. I think you'll see Green, Isla, Onuoha, Caulker, Yun, Phillips, Barton, Sandro, Hoilett, Zamora, Austin

Prediction and thoughts on Saturday's game?

I think you'll win and win comfortably. Pulis has got you organised and working hard, which is his trademark. We on the other hand are more often than not the total opposite. See our recent capitulation at Palace as an example. If you score before half time then you'll likely win at a canter, if not then we might make a game of it but I don't see anything other than a home win. 2-0 Baggies unfortunately. 


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