Ahead of Sunday's game against Liverpool at Anfield, we spoke again with Reds' fan Kirsty who runs the excellent blog
The Liver Bird. She gives us her views on the game, Jurgen Klopp, Brendan Rodgers, and more. You can also find Kirsty on Twitter @LFCKirstyLFC.

We have to start with the sacking of Brendan Rodgers back in October, what were your thoughts at the time? Was it a decision the majority of fans agreed with?

I thought he had to go, hed lost his way and became very stubborn in my opinion. He began experimenting with the line up and playing players out of position and what made things worse was that when we performed poorly hed stand in a post match interview and act like everything was fine.

Its a well known joke online now but its no exaggeration, if we showed good character then for him that was fine. After taking us agonisingly close to a Premier League title (very much helped by the likes of Luis Suarez) I just think the pressure got to him. From what I could tell from social media, the majority of fans definitely agreed it was time for him to go.

I'd imagine his replacement Jurgen Klopp was welcomed by almost all of the Anfield faithful?

As soon as Brendan Rodgers left there were only two names being talked about; Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti. Most fans wanted Jurgen and some like myself would have been happy with either. Since his arrival at the club Ive been absolutely chuffed with Klopp, hes really taken to Liverpool and the fans and hes very charming. Hes had an immediate impact on the team and its clear the players are enjoying working with him, its an exciting time to be a Liverpool fan at the moment.

How do you view Liverpool's season so far? Better or worse than expected?

Its hard to judge really because of the fact weve had two managers. If we still had Rodgers at the helm I wouldnt have been expecting a very good result so now under Jurgen were definitely doing better than I would have predicted at the start of the season. Still by no means perfect but there is a glimmer of hope that we may be able to finish in the top four, especially if we can do well over the Christmas period and forget about that horrible loss to Newcastle!

Having qualified for the last 32, how high up on the list of priorities is the Europa League now for Liverpool?

For a lot of fans I dont think they even want to be in the competition, many see it as a nuisance but Ive always firmly believed that in order to be a great team you need to be able to handle everything thats thrown at you, even if that means Thursday nights on BT Sport. Jurgen Klopp is clearly taking the competition seriously and with the knowledge that winning it now automatically puts you into the Champions League I would imagine it is very high on our priorities list, or at least it should be in my opinion!

Daniel Sturridge looks set to be missing for a number of weeks after suffering yet another injury, how much of a blow is the absence of the England striker likely to be?

A big one in my opinion. I just feel so gutted for Sturridge because just as you think he might be back on track he goes and gets injured again. His goals against Southampton in the League Cup showed once again what quality he has and for me the Reds will miss him. We do have the likes of Christian Benteke up front who is no stranger to scoring goals but with the way Liverpool have been playing lately Benteke has been poorly supported both through a dreary supply line and through being forced to play up front alone. It will be interesting to see whether Jurgen Klopp goes for a different set up to combat this knowing Daniel Sturridge is unavailable.

Who's caught the eye for the Reds so far this season?

I would probably have to say Alberto Moreno. Ive kept a close eye on him since he signed for us because Ive always had a soft spot for defenders and wanted to see how he progressed. When he first arrived he was very sloppy, making silly mistakes and giving away possession but hes improved so much recently and even more so under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp. Hes improved defensively and has also offered excitement in his ability to push forward and create attacks, I really like him and hes definitely caught my eye in most matches so far this season.

Anyone been particularly disappointing?

Honestly, since Jurgen has taken over, I cant really say Ive been that disappointed in anyone (Im sure that will change!)

Prediction for Liverpool's season?

Im really hoping that we can get into the top four but realistically I can see us finishing just outside. Prediction: 5th.

Prediction for Albion's season?

Tony Pulis knows what hes doing and there are several teams worse off than the Baggies at the moment, namely Chelsea haha! But seriously I think you will probably finish around 13th - 15th.

Premier League champs?

It would be just lovely to see Leicester do it wouldnt it but I dont think its going to happen. My prediction before the season started was Manchester City and Im sticking to it, they are experienced and I feel they have the consistency to take it. Arsenal always seem to falter and for me Manchester United are going to come unstuck because they havent being playing very well despite sitting in 3rd.


I never ever get this right but I definitely think Aston Villa are in trouble big time. Newcastle as well despite beating us last week look very poor in my opinion however they may change managers before the end of the season. Then Id probably have to choose Bournemouth, Sunderland will struggle but they always somehow seem to avoid the drop and Big Sam strikes me as someone who will keep them out of danger.

Thoughts on and prediction for Sunday's game? How are Liverpool likely to line up?

Im worried that were at home, which is a weird thing to say. Weve been awesome away from Anfield but have struggled somewhat at home so it could be an interesting game. Id probably go for a 2-1 Liverpool win as I can see you finding the back of the net, probably through a set piece.

Its hard to predict the line-up because it will depend slightly on how Klopp fields the team for FC Sion tonight and also injuries. If Coutinho is available I think he will go for Lallana, Firmino and Coutinho without a recognised striker however if Coutinho is not fit in time Id predict Benteke alone up front. It will be the usual back four of Clyne, Skrtel, Lovren and Moreno and probably a midfield consisting of Lucas and Emre Can.

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