Ahead of Albion's trip to Anfield, we caught up with Reds' fan Kirsty who runs the excellent blog The Liver Bird. She gives her views on the game, Liverpool's start to the season, Luis Suarez and more. You can also find Kirsty on Twitter @LFCKirstyLFC.

It’s been a good start to the season for the Reds, was it expected?

I certainly didn't expect it. I expected an improvement on last year and said we would hopefully finish 5th this year but at the moment things are going almost too well which is always worrying for a Liverpool fan, the dizzying heights of 1st and 2nd often send us delirious but I definitely think we can confidently challenge for the Champions League this year.

How have performances been? What tactics / formation can we expect to see Saturday?

I think our performances on the whole have been a lot more positive this season, one thing I've noticed that perhaps sometimes is overlooked is the tenacity and spirit of the side, we've had a few games this season where the chips have been down but we've never given up. Rodgers has been toying with three at the back in certain games this season but I don't think he will set up that way against West Brom on Saturday as it's too risky, instead opting for a stronger back four. And of course you can expect to see the SAS on the front line.

Any player been particularly impressive so far?

The player for me who has surprised and impressed me the most is Philippe Coutinho, I didn't know what to expect when we signed him but he's so brilliant to watch, such an exciting player unfortunately he is still out injured. The other man who has impressed me is of course Daniel Sturridge, what a run of form he is on!

Final thoughts on last season?

I actually remember describing last season on my blog as being "boring" it was just sort of a nothing season really, there was no real excitement and we finished outside of the European places which at the time was very annoying but it has perhaps been a blessing in disguise.

Most amusing ‘terrace chant’ heard last season?

I can't really think of one off the top of my head from last season but I am very much looking forward to the return of "Steve Bruce, you've got a big fat head!" this year haha

Opinion on Luis Suarez, hero or villain?

To us he is a hero, to others he is a villain. He annoyed me over the summer with his constant comments to the Uruguayan press but as far as I am concerned if he keeps his head down and does what he does best then that's fine with me. He's a magical player it's just unfortunate that geniuses are often nutters!

Is there any particular highlight / memory that stands out from previous Albion v Liverpool games?

The recent 3-0 battering you gave us springs to mind. There's an Albion fan in our family and my Facebook wall post match was plastered with "BOING BOING" after I made the mistake of describing the game as an easy win beforehand... whoops! I do feel though in fairness that whenever the two sides meet it always provides a good 90 minutes of football!

Prediction for Liverpool’s season? Can you genuinely challenge for the Premier League title?

As a Liverpool fan it's very dangerous for me to actually begin to believe we may be in with a chance and whilst our form and caliber of players especially up front says yes I'm afraid history and the timing says no. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, the last time we won the title was the year I was born so I can wait a bit longer if needs be! My prediction for us at the start of the season was 5th but after seeing our start I'm now predicting and very much hoping for 4th as a minimum.

Prediction for Albion’s season?

I think you'll do pretty well, my cousin (the Albion fan) appears over the moon with how Steve Clarke has been performing. You seem very solid at the back and also have attacking options. I anticipate you reaching roughly the same points tally as you did last year but perhaps a place higher in the league as this season it seems like less teams will be collecting big tallies.

Premier League Champions?

US! Haha... At the start of the season before anyone had kicked off I said Chelsea so I'll have to stick with that prediction.


Sunderland look dead in the water and I think Crystal Palace and Cardiff may join their sinking ship.

Prediction for Saturday’s game?

I've been pretty optimistic by putting a quid on a 3-1 win for us, I just think we may have caught you at the right moment and it definitely helps that we're at home. There's no way we'll keep a clean sheet though.


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