Ahead of Sunday's game at The Hawthorns, we spoke to Linus, from the Arsenal blog Arsenal Vision. He gives his views on Arsenal's fantastic start to the season, Arsene Wenger, Mesut Özil and more. You can also find Linus on Twitter @arsenalvision.

It’s been an excellent start to the season for the Gunners, was it honestly expected?

Never in doubt fella! Just kidding. It has been a wonderful start especially after our opening day defeat to your Midlands buddies but in truth this run wasn't exactly expected. That said, our good run of results actually started in March last season after a defeat against a team that lives in our shadows. We made some tactical adjustments, dropped the captain to the bench, won in Bayern Munich and didn't look back. We went the rest of the season undefeated and had a very good pre season so the run has been there for a little while now. The issue was that we were grinding out results rather than playing all that well. Today our players are full of confidence and we can see that in our performances.

You squeezed past Albion on penalties in the third round of the Capital One Cup, thoughts on the game?

I had the worlds worst stream (shouldn't say that too loud) so didn't really watch the game properly. It wasn't the best game of football in history and it could have really gone either way in truth and that is in 90-120 minutes let alone the lottery that is the penalty shoot out. Our team should have been considerably stronger but for injury to so many squad members. Podolski, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Diaby would have more than likely started. Still it was good experience for some of the teenagers we had on the pitch.

Still happy with Arsene Wenger?

Always! Love the bloke. Often not credited for the work he does do simply because it doesn't spell trophies. He has done far more than that with helping us grow as a club. We are starting to see the results on and off the pitch now.

Mesut Özil has grabbed a fair few of the Arsenal headlines so far this season, how good has he been?

The guy is silky smooth. Clearly a class act but I get the feeling that he is still coasting in 2nd gear right now. Once he settles into this league and our club then, well....

Final thoughts on last season?

Last season was very much a transitional season for us. We lost our then best player (Haha cuddle up to David Moyes mate) and brought in three attacking replacements that needed time to adjust, so did our way of playing. The season ended well given the circumstances.

Hero of last season?

There were a few at different moments but for me, I love a bit of Santi Cazorla. A joy to watch. Who I might add hasn't shared a pitch with a certain record signing as yet.

Villain of last season?

Gareth Bale. Kept dragging those lot over the line on his own, started to worry me but it's ok. I like him now :-)

Most amusing ‘terrace chant’ heard last season?

Ok, I am going to cheat a little here as it is not a chant and neither is it from Arsenal but when you combine the words terrace and amusing, I can't help but giggle at the phantom goal at Newcastle against us at the end of the season. Tottenham fans had heard that Newcastle had equalised when they had done no such thing and they celebrated with gusto. http://i.minus.com/ibemyvTReibBzE.gif It simply never gets old.

Any particular memory that stands out from previous Albion v Arsenal games?

There are a few in recent memory that stand out, mainly good for us. Firstly I would like to thank Lukaku for missing that chance at the end of the game last season. Had that found a way in then we may not have had Mesut Özil. Such are the fine lines in this game. Also big thanks to former Tottenham keeper Marton Fulop for helping us into the Champions League a few years back. As I am a guest on your site, I should point to your 3-2 victory at the Emirates a few years ago. You played some lovely football on the day and deserved the victory. Former Gunner Jerome Thomas and Chris Brunt tore us a new one that afternoon.

Prediction for Arsenal’s season? Can you maintain your excellent start? Can you be successful in Europe?

It is difficult to say. I am confident that we have most of the tools to be right up there but so have other clubs. It is going to be down to consistency and injuries. Things are going well for us right now but when things dip, our season will depend on how quickly we are able to respond. Cautiously optimistic would be my answer.

Prediction for Albion’s season?

Steve Clarke has done a very good job. Looking like he is trying to build a structure to work on. I enjoyed your victory at Old Trafford last week, didn't go there to park the proverbial bus so hats off to you. A mid-table finish, hopefully pushing for the Europa places and you'll have done very well considering the resources you have to work with. Sessčgnon, Amalfitano, Morrison, Yacob and Anelka are all top class players so it would be no surprise were you to have a successful campaign.

Premier League Champions?

I'm a Gooner, what do you want me to say? :-) Although I have a nasty feeling that Jose Mourinho will turn things around at Chelsea. City also have great quality in their squad. But whether it is delusional or not, I'm going for the Arsenal.


Crystal Palace

Prediction for Sundays game?

Both teams full of belief after recent victory, you guys have home advantage but we've also been fantastic away from home. I'm going for a narrow Arsenal victory. But best of luck in the remainder of the season (apart from the Emirates return of course)


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