Albion Till We Die (ATWD) is an independent West Bromwich Albion Football Club website and is run by Albion fans for fellow fans.

This site is dedicated to every single person that has over the years supported or contributed in some way towards our great club.


The idea of the website originally came about in early 2004 when due to disgruntlement with the quality of other West Brom sites on the internet, the soon to be editors of ATWD made the decision to try and provide fellow Albion fans with something different and far more in-depth than the basic content that most other sites offered at the time.

After five months of planning and finally deciding on a name (Boing Boing Baggies and WBA 4 Life were very briefly considered... and very quickly discarded), July 2004 saw the launch of a very primitive looking and very basic ATWD (image top right), however, it would be the latter stages of the year before the site had any real readable content.

April 2005 saw a revamp carried out with a brand new look for the site and a number of new ideas. Unfortunately this meant most of the original content disappeared although most of it only temporarily.

The following month saw the launch of the site's very own message board - Albion Chat. For about a year or so it was a popular and busy board, boasting over 200 members, but eventually, due to dwindling contributors and better alternatives, it was rarely posted on and the decision to close it down was taken.

The start of the 2005/06 season saw the site take on it's first dedicated match previewer and reporter in Dale Brookes, who had previously wrote for westbrom.com. This was followed a few weeks later by NewsNow agreeing to publish news, previews and reports from our site thus giving it for the first time a potentially huge readership.

In October 2005 and six months after it's first major revamp the site underwent another. This time, not only was it given a new look (image left) but also a totally new navigation system. For the first time since it's launch the site had a professional look.

Just one month after the revamp however the website saw changes in personnel with Dale Brookes leaving. The site did however gain a new contributor in Martyn Todd, who had previously written for baggiesworld.co.uk

New Year 2006 saw the website given valuable publicity when one of the site editors was given the opportunity to write an article for the 'Irish Examiner' newspaper. Basically a look at the Premiership season so far, the article was published in a special supplement issued with the newspaper. Since that initial foray into article writing, the website has provided content for amongst others, Manchester City's and Sunderland's official websites, a number of opposition matchday programmes, the BBC, the Liverpool Echo, Nuts Magazine, 'World Soccer' magazine, and numerous other websites.

In January 2009 the website was given another new look (image bottom right). Again the revamp would result in large amounts of content disappearing but as the year progressed the majority of it would reappear, along with long-overdue new content. The year also saw the site welcome new writers in Julian Safe and Sam Bradley.

July 2012 saw the website reach it's 8th birthday which coincided with the launch of another new look - the one you see today - this time accompanied by large amounts of fresh content and fresh ideas. Social media was embraced with the launch of both a Twitter account and a Facebook page thus enabling increased participation from the website's readership.

Over ten years on from it's humble and very basic beginnings, ATWD is now established as the most comprehensive and one of the best of a sadly dwindling number of independent West Brom websites.

The long-term aim of ATWD remains the same - to provide THE most informative and accurate online resource for all things WBA.


www.albiontillwedie.co.uk is an independent and unofficial website and is in no way connected to West Bromwich Albion Football Club. The views and opinions expressed in the material on this site, or on our social media accounts,  are not those of West Bromwich Albion Football Club, nor are they necessarily shared by the editors of this site.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this site, ATWD accepts no responsibility for any use made of the information provided and shall not be liable for any loss suffered thereby.

All content is the property of ATWD unless otherwise stated and may not be reproduced without express, prior permission.

Some content and information has been extracted / modified from other sources. In these instances all credit is given to those sources where possible and ATWD do not take any credit or responsibility for the content and information.

ATWD is not responsible for the content of the various websites to which we have provided links.


ATWD does not collect nor does it disclose any personal information i.e. email addresses.


All contributions are welcome although racist, sexist, libellous or abusive submissions will not be considered for publication. All material forwarded to ATWD is subject to editorial review.


ATWD is run as a service to fellow supporters without any commercial or private gain. We have no wish to abuse copyright regulations and apologise unreservedly if this occurs. If you own any of the material used on this site, and object to its inclusion please contact us and we will either remove the material or if preferred give proper acknowledgement.


ATWD is a non-money making website and the editors and writers receive no payment for running this site. We would however consider providing advertising space to help towards running costs of the site.


We are always looking for people to help with this website be it on a regular basis or as a one-off contribution. Please get in touch if you are willing to help in anyway. More details on contributing can be found here.


A huge thanks to everyone that has contributed to this site over the years but special thanks must go to the following people for their help.

Martyn Todd, Julian Safe, Dale Brookes Sam Bradley and Josh Bland for providing previews, reports and articles.

Simon Wright, Mike Kinson and Stuart Hatfield for their help with player information.

Steve Bell for his help with statistics.

Tim Rigby, Chris Richards and Manish Patel for providing photographs used on the site.


Some of the information on this site has been extracted from / clarified against the following sources. Thanks to all those listed and to the many other people who have over the years devoted their time to writing about 'The Albion'

The Official Club Programme
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